Freedom & Prosperity Agenda   Freedom & Prosperity Agenda

“Adherence to men is often disloyalty to principles.”
 – John Taylor of Caroline

Freedom & Prosperity Agenda
Freedom & Prosperity Agenda


Join Virginia's LARGEST and
MOST EFFECTIVE coalition of small government/free market organizations
and activists

Have a voice  *  Promote limited government  *  Network
with representatives from 280 organizations,
members of the General Assembly, and the media


The Tuesday Morning Group coalition

gets results!

We REPEALED the state death tax, PASSED a constitutional amendment preventing Kelo-like government confiscation of private property, PASSED a law putting Virginia’s budget online, STOPPED an unnecessary tax hike for transportation, and much more!  But we need more activists to make our influence on Richmond even stronger.

Who we are
Tertium Quids, a nonpartisan organization that promotes legislation to create smaller government, freer markets, and greater liberty in Virginia, invites you to join the Tuesday Morning Group, our coalition of conservative and libertarian activists and officeholders. We share information, network, and otherwise collaborate to reduce the role, scope, and cost of government; protect private property rights; and improve K-12 and higher education in Virginia.

There is no membership fee. TMG members are people whose allegiance is to principles not party politics. While many members participate in the party process, we understand that free markets, free people, and the first principles of our Founding Fathers are what made our commonwealth and nation unique. By returning to those principles, we will not only be able to overcome the current challenges we face, but also return to our previous status of "a shining city upon the hill" for the rest of the world.  If you agree, please join us in promoting these ideals in our government.

Benefits of membership

As a TMG member:

you will receive E-MAIL ALERTS ON LEGISLATION we are promoting, Virginia political news you won’t see in the media, and more;
you will receive INVITATIONS TO GRASSROOTS MEETINGS, campaign events, and conferences;
you will have NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES with activists and politicians from throughout the commonwealth -- share ideas and get to know political movers and shakers.

What we ask our members to do

As a TMG member, we ask you to:

NETWORK AND LEARN by attending our annual conferences or occasional grassroots meetings in your area, to share ideas and get updates on statewide and national issues;
CALL OR E-MAIL your state legislators when you receive alerts from us.  Your voice is needed to promote small government/free market bills in Richmond. You can help us unite the citizens of  Virginia who want to limit the size and reach of government, and checkmate those special interests who constantly work to expand the role and power of politicians and unelected bureaucrats.


Yes, I want to be a part of Virginia's LARGEST and MOST EFFECTIVE coalition of small government/ free market organizations and activists! (Please note that your information will never be sold or shared with other parties.)

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